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Pension Planning
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Pension planning and advice

miQ in business, founded in 2006, is a full-service pension management and consultancy firm located in the centre of The Hague. We understand that pension regulations are different in every country and can be complex, especially if you have to deal with them in another language. Together we will discuss your company, your targets, and possible pension scenarios and will put the best pension scheme in place in your company. If required, we can manage the pension administration and all communication with employees and statutory bodies. We can also provide the Works Council with information and advice in cases where they have the right to give their advice or consent.

miQ in business offers its clients personalised, customised service. We share our knowledge about pension schemes and anticipate any legislative changes that may affect your company.


All employers operating in the Netherlands are subject to the Pensions Act. A company may have its own pension fund or, if it operates in certain sectors, it may be obliged to join a collective pension fund. Whatever the situation, there are many issues that need to be dealt with and many financial implications that demand attention. miQ in business provides sound advisory services that will help employers find the best pension for their companies.

Pensions for employers

Work Counsils and Pensions

Pensions are an important part of a company’s labour conditions. Because of this, Work Councils (Ondernemingsraad) in the Netherlands have a meaningful role in their companies’ pension schemes. This applies in particular to collective pension schemes.

Work Councils

Disability Insurance

miQ in business maps the issues around disability insurance and scans the market to find the right disability insurance for each client. We compare the different insurance companies to find the right match. This is a customised service in which we calculate the shortfall in income and find appropriate insurance solutions.

Services for disability insurance

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