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Disability insurance

Advisory services for disability insurance

miQ in business maps the issues around disability insurance and scans the market to find the right disability insurance for each client. We compare the different insurance companies to find the right match. This is a customised service in which we calculate the shortfall in income and find appropriate insurance solutions. And if required, we will do the administration and monitor the implementation of the insurance. miQ in business is the trusted disability insurance management and consultancy firm.

Insurance for a drop in income

Employers can purchase a special benefits package (WIA/WGA) to insure the shortfall in income should their employees become incapacitated or partially incapacitated for work.

The Work and Income (Capacity to Work) Act (WIA Wet Werk en Inkomen naar Arbeidsvermogen). Should an employee be absent or partially absent due to illness for two years, he/she falls under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act. This Act determines whether employees are able to work at all and if so the type of work they can do. Once established, the level of income that the employee is able to earn is determined according to Institute for Employee Benefit Schemes (UWV) norms. This is the residual earning capacity.

The Benefits for Partial Disability Act (WGA) covers employees who are (partially) incapacitated for work. The point of departure is that employees work as much as they are able and are financially rewarded for doing so.

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